Saturday, 7 May 2011

Some more new figures and thoughts...

Been touching up and  rebasing some Irregular 42mm British Colonials I got off Ebay at a reasonable price . Overwhelmed by actually seeing some painted figures that I was interested in , I went ahead and bought them and then thought - 'what am I going to use them for?'. They didn't fit in with my other 'Balkan' figures and the idea of starting another period in 42mm didn't make sense . When I first bought the Irregular 42mm figures I was not sure where I was heading , I liked the figures for their 'toy soldier' looks and the period of history in the Balkans is interesting , the only problem was that everybody was starting to wear khaki uniforms ! - boring ! . I looked further into it and found that in the 1890s-1900s armies for these nations where still using the older brighter uniforms - if only the Balkans War  had happened 10 to 15 years earlier !. The rot had set in - I decided to use the earlier uniforms and when I miss-ordered some cavalry and got the wrong figures (Greek cavalry -should be in Khaki) I decided to make up a Hussar type uniform -'The Hussars of Excellance' were born (see earlier posts) . By now the madness had set in , I have always admired other bloggers who have their own'Imaginations', so I decided to do my own, set in the  1890s Balkans area . Having spent about 40 years painting 'proper' wargame armies this was refreshingly different and the figures painted in a 'toy soldier' style are soon done . I was mulling over what rules to use when a wargaming colleague 'A' introduced me to 'Funny Little Wars' - "have a look at these - they are weird - you will like them !"  he said  . So here we are about 6 months into the project several £s poorer ( Irregular are several £s richer !) and quite a lot of figures painted , lots of games played and fun for all the family - well me anyway . I'm busy tweaking the rules a bit - the originals were to be played in the garden ( the weather ,hens , cats and not wanting to alarm the neighbours prevent this) - more of this in the future. Oh and the British colonial troops are the first unit of the British Intervention Field Force (Overseas). BIFFO ! Oh dear think I need to lie down!.


  1. Mosstrooper,

    Your experience sounds very similar to my own, although I have opted for 54mm figures for my FLW army ... although I am still hankering after a 42mm army (or armies!) as a follow up for home use.

    All the best,


  2. I fear I am of a similar mnd to Bob in this case and am trying to resist 42mm ... although they are indeed most tempting. I suspect my Elastolin figures of that size I had as a boy have something to do with my enthusiam for the scale too .

  3. The danger is that once you start painting and using them you start casting around for other periods to use them in,ECW is tenpting me at the moment - MUST resist !.

  4. Be careful of lying down. I find it generates yet more mad schemes. Mad but marvelous!

    Now try not to think about Turks! Especially the irregular volunteer sorts in turbans......

  5. Glad to see the redcoats have arrived.

  6. Hoping to expand the british force sometime in the future - got some gunners done - but lots to do !.