Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A New Year Game.

First of all I would like to wish all of you out there in 'blogger land' a Happy New Year and secondly to tell of a problem I have - Napoleonics ! . People who know me are aware of my troubles with this period , it's the rules - I cannot find a set I like with which to play solo 'Old School' type games. I do believe that 'General De Brigade' are a fine set and give a wonderful game -but- are not very solo friendly . So I was persuaded by wargaming colleague 'A' that 'About Napoleon ' were the set of rules for me and will solve all my phobias about the period . So I sent off for a set and the special dice for the game ( I like special dice - it was this that sold the rules to me ).

The rules and special dice . These are used in command , shooting and combat and have 2x I , 1x C, 1x A, a Flag, a blank -  I is for infantry, C for cavalry , A for artillery , the flag allows any groups or units to be moved and the blank means nothing happens/casualties etc. Sound complicated but it seems having read the rule its not , Generals and officers roll dice to motivate/command units , units roll dice for firing and combat . The flag symbol in firing/combat means a morale reversal the others remove the appropriate figure types.
I decided to set up a small game to try them out . An Austrian advance guard is advancing and is confronted with a small Bavarian force (at the far end of the table).
The Austrian commander views his troops move up - Hussars, Jaegers and 2 units of Grenz.
The Bavarian General positions his artillery.
The Bavarian infantry wait in columns . Well I'm off to play a few moves to see how they work , you can read a set of rules as often as you like but until you start playing on the table with them you cannot tell how they will perform ! To be continued......


  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    Please, please let me know how these play out. I've been having exactly the same problem with Napoleonics for months now. So much in fact that I've simply stopped playing. Look forward to your report on this particular system.
    All the best,


  2. Happy New Year Mosstrooper

    Yes, please blog your results.


  3. Happy New Year as well. Your dilemma has certainly given me extra incentive for a chapter in my book, I shall keep an eye on your endeavor ,,, jeff

  4. Hi Mosstrooper,
    The dice sound like replications of the Command and Colors dice with different symbols.
    You don't say what scale these rules are or what size units you desire to use. I have only played a few Nappy games at conventions, but the Easy Napoleonic rules by Don Lowry on freewargamerules look like they would be well-suited to solo gaming for large-scale battles (a stand = a brigade).
    Something to consider if that scale works for you.

    Looking forward to your battle report.

    1. Was looking for smaller battles rules, about 6-10 units per side .