Sunday, 30 December 2012

'With a Tow Row Row Row Row for the Scheither's Grenadiers!'*

*To the tune of  'The British Grenadiers' . Well after the Christmas break and problems with the Internet I have finally got these photos of the last component of Scheither's Frei Korps posted.

Scheither's Frei Korp was peculiar in that it had a grenadier company as well as jaegers.
I decided to use a grenade throwing figure - not the most practical but very attractive, different and a charm to cast up . I had to file down the details on the front of the mitre to look like fur and add a bag to the back from 'green stuff'. The Sergeant is a head swop with a halbard weilding figure.
Here they are seen practising building clearence , with these done it means that I can move on to casting up more cavalry and building up my line infantry units as 'A' has promised me a delivery of old unwanted figures from his lead collection.


  1. Top banana! Talk about well-drilled ... arm at the ready, one, two, three, arm up, one, two three, throw, one, two, three...

  2. Nice hats! Good looking Grenadiers. I wasn't brave enough to have a whole company throwing buy have snuck a few in here and there.

  3. Ahh, a new use for the old Battlecry dice. I will admit to liking them as well.