Thursday, 3 March 2011

Simple conversions

Whilst the previously mentioned battle rages , I would like to illustrate some figure conversions I have made . Funny Little Wars units are meant to have musicians and as the Irregular figures I am using do not have them , I have been busy producing them  using standard figures with the addition of bugles from their 42mm range . Simply gluing them to the figure and adding a lanyard from a suitable coloured sewing thread . Now all my infantry units are furnished with musicians .
A slightly more complicated conversion was the providing of dismounted figure for the 'Hussars of Excellance' Irregular do a generic dismounted cavalry figure with a separate head of your choice , however the figure comes in a long tunic and my Hussars are in Pelisses !. Having spoken to Ian at Irregular, I decided on a dismounted U.S. cavalryman in a short jacket , I removed the head (it had a campaign hat ) and pinned and glued into place a suitable one with a kepi . I then built up the fur trim around the edges of the jacket to match the mounted figure using MiliPut and added a sword from the Shinny Tin Soldier range produced by Spencer Smith Miniatures . A coat of paint and varnish and above is the results ! . I m rather pleased with these as they turned out better than I thought they might . I am now turning my attention to mechanical transport for my armies and have started to scouring Ebay for suitable models . Anyway back to the battle .....

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up about the bugles - I have been looking for some in order to do similar conversions.