Saturday, 12 March 2011

Battle (part4)

The Trborian infantry attack
With time slipping away, the Treborian Commander hurled his infantry units into the attack . Taking heavy casualties as they charged in, the survivors lost the melee and had their standard captured .
Ferraro Roccain Artillery and infantry to the rescue
By now even more FR reinforcements where arriving on the scene , and the Treborian artillery had  run out of ammo ! (started the battle with 10 rounds 'matchsticks' ) . With half his infantry in retreat , gun no longer firing and the enemy now consolidating their position ,General Hagen Dazcs signaled this remaining troops to retire . The FR CinC  Col. Velkro had won and curled his moustache in satisfaction !.
End game !
The game lasted 8 moves and by then it became evident that  Treboria was never going to win the day . They probably should have been more aggressive with their cavalry early in the game before the FR reinforcements came on , however fear of loosing to many casualties made them try and flank the enemy and by then the FR had troops in place to hold them up . The FR CinC was lucky that his reserves came on promptly (by dice throw) and his rearguard infantry unit was able to hold out (under heavy but inaccurate matchstick fire ) . They won the melee which was a bonus and by then it was all over . The Ferraro Roccain column continued unmolested on its way . Treboria will have its revenge !


  1. An excellent series of reports! Great to see the toys in action. It sounds as if your matchshick-firing skills are as bad as mine!

  2. An excellent and very enjoyable battle report to read.

    It is amazing how inaccurate matchstick-firing artillery can be ... especially the more one tries to be as on target as possible!

    All the best,


  3. Many thanks for your kind comments . Some matchstick firing guns are more accurate than others . Thinking of doing some firing tests with my arsenal of guns .