Sunday, 6 March 2011

Battle (Part 2 )

The Treborian Cavalry units sweep around the FR right flank to try and exit the board at B and their artillery deploys and open fire on the FR infantry .

Treborian Artillery deploys
Shells ( well matchsticks ! ) land amongst the Ferraro Roccaian infantry
Matchsticks land shot by spring firing cannon 

The Blast Indicator Device is deployed and after saving throws etc ,casualties are removed . FR reinforcements are reaching the battlefield , and deploy 
Ferraro Roccaian reinforcements
The Treborian cavalry dismount and form a skirmish line . The FR's are defending their baggage successfully - for the time being !. 


  1. Looks a great game - I eagerly await the next instalment.

  2. What is going to happen next?

    I can hardly wait for the next instalment!

    All the best,