Saturday, 31 December 2011

Return to the Lord of the Rings.

Inspired by the new Hobbit film trailer I have been looking at my LOTR collection again . When the films came out ( the first is 10 years old !) I  played the system a lot and had great fun collecting and  painting the figures , so I  have been revamping and tidying up some of the figures and started painting the odd model or two .

This is the Hobbit hero Bandobras Took in mounted and dismounted form. Just painted having spent about 6 months on the painting tray waiting to get done !. ( click on photos to enlarge )

The Elven King is threatened by some of the denizens of Mirkwood .

An Objective marker converted from a sitting Gimili  figure .

'He's behind you !' Sharkey (Sauruman) and Wormtongue .

Have quite a lot of figure to go at , surprised myself  how much I  have in store - which is just as well when you see today's prices and the number of figures now not presently available , also I'm not sure of the GW 's move to 'Finecast ' resin although I  have not sampled them yet. So I'm off to tidy up some Hobbit Militia ready for painting .


  1. Hi Mosstrooper,

    Love the sitting Gimli figure! They all look really good and are very tempting in a 'do I really need another period' kind of a way!

    All the best and a happy new year to you,


  2. I too have felt the urge back to LOTR gaming since I saw the trailer!!!
    I have quite a few GW figs about too in various states of unpaintedness. I have been looking at my 10mm wargs,goblins and hobbits with a view to painting but they are sooo small...

  3. Some very nice castings there old chap. Good work.