Sunday, 11 December 2011

Fetaland and Treboria Clash (2)

The cavalry clash - and it ends in disaster for Treboria .

Treborian infantry hidden in nearby woods cover their cavalry's retreat.

Another card is drawn - this slows movement next move.

Suffering heavy casualties the Treborian centre falls back.

The Fetaland army moves forward .

Yet another card - troops begin to sing 'Fetaland Forever' which inspires the army to move forward faster !.

On the other flank Fetaland infantry rushes forward .

Fetaland Hussars charge the Treborian line as their infantry close in for the kill.

They are repulsed with heavy losses .

The Treborian Reservists break and its all over for Treboria .

General Hagen Dazcs tries to rally them- but its victory to Fetaland. Great game ! the Fetaland artillery won it for them , they hardly missed a shot and caused heavy casualties on the Treborian centre , this combine with the cavalry routing the Treborian elite Hussars sealed the game for them !. The cards worked well adding another level of uncertainty which is especially needed when playing solo. Whilst designed for garden gaming most of the cards can be used - with a little thought on the wargaming table.

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