Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fetaland and Treboria Clash (1)

Must admit I played this game to test out 'Funny Little Wars' Chance card deck . The positions for units were diced for ,1-5 for left to right, 4 to 6 to arrive on first move. ( click on the photos to enlarge )

Treboria on the Left. Fetaland on the Right.

The forces move onto the table.

The Fetaland Commander Stavros Flatterly.

Treborian General Hagen Dazcs.

Treborian Dragoons move up through the village.

The fist casualties , Treborian infantry come under artillery fire.

On move 2 the first card is drawn ( on the roll of a 1 or 2 a card is drawn ).

The Treborians take more casualties to surprisingly accurate artillery fire.

Fetaland Evazones move out of the woods covered by the Naval machine gun.

The Elite cavalry units on both sides square up . Too be continued .......


  1. Under the existing 'Funny Little Wars' rules M/Gs do not seem very effective , so I am tinkering with the rules to make them a bit better , at present I have them firing as 8 infantry figures - 0"-12" hits on 3456, 12"- 24" hit on 456, 24"- 36" hit on 56 . Results under the rules are halved and a saving throw of 6 ( there are minuses for cover - open order etc) Will see how they perform in the present battle - they may need tweaking a bit more .

  2. the games afoot ! looks like an interesting one

    -- Allan

  3. A very fine looking game indeed - hope it goes well

    as ever


  4. Thanks for the quick e-mail and I hope to play F.L.W. this spring. As for table top I don't have enough room ... Chasseur