Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ferraro Roccaian Naval Contingent.

Wargamers can be a bit like squirrels who hid nuts but can  only every find half of them again when they are hungry . I came across these figures and Gatling gun in the bottom of a box , They are Irregular 42mm and for the life in me I cannot remember buying them !?. So feeling guilty and somewhat worried about the onset of forgetful old age I painted them up and they are now part of a Ferraro Roccaian Naval Landing Party.


  1. They look good and I know the feeling! Nice surprise when you find something just the same ... Jeff

  2. Now, they're a bunch of characters! You can just see them on shore leave, quenching their thirst!

  3. Shirkers! At least they look good now that they have reported for duty.