Sunday, 19 August 2012

Homemade Cavalry

Finished the cavalry contingent of Scheither's Frei Korp.

These are the Karabiniere's and are a type of light cavalry .

As I could find no references to the uniform for musicians I took the liberty of simply reversing the colours . Now the Allies have some cavalry my next casting session will be some Hussars for the French.


  1. I adore your style of painting! This unit is very splendid and so accurately painted and placed. I could not imagine that Prince August figures could be so beautiful. Please post more pictures, I am curious on the french hussars.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments , I have been using very heavy shading on these figures - much heavier than I normaly do, but with them being semi-round it works quite well and a heavy coat of gloss varnish helps pull them all together.

  3. Very nice indeed.

    The gloss varnish makes the colour and figures pop up

    I do very little shading on 40mm PA as I am sure if I started I would end over engineering the painting. I use a bit of wash and that is it.

    I wonder how the army painter shades would work on these figures ?


  4. I've never tried the dip shading method , I wonder if the plainness of some of the earlier Prince August figures would work with it as there is not much pronounced details on them .