Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Morning Early .

I got up early this morning - well for a Sunday - the cats wanted feeding and don't take into account that its the weekend . To my surprise it wasn't raining ( it seems to have rained constantly this year so far !), so I  thought - quick get those figures sprayed up out side !.

A strange collection of figures to spray 2 FOW  trucks a selection of 15mm walls and buildings and some LOTR s plastic Rangers.

There- done ! and I know the spray paint should have been Matt but annoyingly our local Halfords had run out of it and I had to make do with Satin - it seems to work okay though . Luckily our neighbours are used to my eccentricities, so the sight of a middle aged man in a dressing gown and Rigger boots (the only thing I  could find at short notice) did not alarm hem to much  I hope. Time to go back to bed with a cup of tea and biscuits and read till a more civilised hour.


  1. Hi

    Up early as well - preparing my next batch of 30mm Spencer Smith ACW - ready for priming this morning.

    My neighbours often see me in a dressing gown out back with a Halfords spray in hand. I also use my plastic bins to spray on

  2. Truly the humble wheelie bin is a great benifit to wargaming !.

  3. If you get today's Times before retiring 'avec le boudoire' (spell?!) you'll still be reading this time next Sunday!

  4. I have the luxury of an integral garage in which to spray paint, but in years past my neighbours have seen similar sights. I find that adding goggles and latex gloves sends them scurrying for cover and avoids any awkward questions. Or any contact at all really.

  5. Green plants sitting outside. Warm enough to spay a base coat. Some of us colonials might become a wee bit jealous of that fine weather. At least in Montreal, the snows been holding off. We don't have more than a couple of cms on the ground.

  6. I've done much the same. Though Mrs Kinch gave out to me recently for wandering around the back garden in pygamas, dressing down and helmet.