Sunday, 22 January 2012

54mm Life Guards

Finished painting  the old hollow cast Britains (?) Life Guards I  tidied up last weekend.

Thought I would photo them outdoors seeing the weather is permitting this afternoon and I do think 54mm figures look better 'al fresco' .

Must admit I'm rather pleased how they have turned out as they did not look to promising to start with but a coat of high gloss varnish helps brighten them up .

The painting has highlighted the difference in the figure variants , but I think this adds to their appeal . These type of figure seems to appear on EBay regularly and relatively cheaply too, its a pity 'Black' army (German) figures don't, so I  will have to cast up my own using the Prince August Lancer mold .


  1. Lovely. They really look as if they're trotting along.

  2. Splendid,splendid fellows!
    p.s the figure you asked about has a Dorset miniatures head...

  3. Absolutely lovely, can you tell me what varnish you use please, and if you are worried about it yellowing?

  4. Lovely job, the uniform paint job certainly pulls them together as a unit. For army black you could do a head change on these Lifeguards or Horseguards, as you say they turn up cheap on ebay all the time. Dorset Miniatures has a good range of of replacement heads, arms etc for these figures - I use them for converting plastic figures and they work well.

    best wishes, Brian

  5. I use a high gloss yacht varnish - not sure if it will yellow or not ? hoping modern varnishes are not as prone to this . Must order from Dorset Toy Soldiers - a brilliant selection of figures and extras .

  6. Nice little unit, the diffrent figures work well together

    -- Allan