Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wild West Buildings

I have been playing Wild West games for years, starting about 40 years ago using plastic Timpo 54mm . The great problem was always buildings for the town where all the shoot outs seemed to happen .

I tried over the years to build saloons/stores from card , plastic sheeting and latterly MDF all sadly not very good , my inability to saw or cut a straight line was always a problem and my Cow Towns look like they had been built by Cowboy Builder .

Sadly these building all were disposed of as storage and wear and tear took their tole , I tried Resin which was expensive , brittle , heavy and most of the ranges limited and not very good.

My Western collection was boxed up and pushed under the wargaming table to gather dust.

Then - just before I went on holiday I came across I  sent off a order for 4 of their buildings , 3 stores and a cabin . When I returned the package had arrived . They come in 'flat pack' and are laser cut out of 3mm MDF , all you have to do is slot them together you do not have to glue them if you don't want to and disassemble them for easy storage , I decided to use wood glue to hold them together permanently although I left the roofs removable so to place figures inside them as needed.

I assembled the 4 above buildings in under half an hour and plan to add plastic sheeting to the inside of the windows to look like glass . Will also be adding signs and posters to the outsides of the buildings . I am really pleased with them and they cost very little compaired with the quality. I am planning to order some more buildings , they also do modern city blocks and WW2  European houses .  The figures are 28mm Foundry and Copplestone Hillbillys .

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