Friday, 2 September 2011

54mm Archetecture

One of the problems using 54mm figures for gaming is you suddenly find your buildings/scenery are to small !, using 40mm  it isn't noticeable but by the time you get to 54mm it is !.

I tried making a house myself - using foamboard , its the new wonder product for the gamer to make things from - I've read the articles by talented modelers making wonderful things using it . Its a creation of Beelzebub to tempt the unwary , I tryed , I used a lot of bad language and failed miserably , there are not photos of my effort - I spare you that . My inability to cut it squarely didn't help, getting it to glue didn't help either . I threw it on the fire and rejoiced !. Then I turned to TVAG, he does PDF  printable 54mm buildings in the 'Funny Little War' range . I bought and downloaded it - the result is to be seen in the accompaning photos .

The only problem is getting it printed onto suitably thick card , my printer (a willful machine - a distant cousin to foamboard I believe !) dosn't do thick card , however I am pleased with the results .

Here it is seen in action as it were , you see how big it is and this is only one of the smaller buildings .

I've decided to set up a small 54mm battle to play with my toy soldiers . I will be using a set of free downloadable rules called ' Edwardian Splendour' , Tilley the cat is a keen student of all things wargaming and is seen inspecting the opposing armies deployment. I will report on the battle as it unfolds.


  1. I have a fondness for severely under scale buildings but these look quite good. I suppose you could print them out and glue them to something more solid, say foam core! errrr well perhaps not.

    Enjoy the upcoming game!

  2. Must admit that thought crossed my mind as well