Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Wargaming Roots (Part 1).

Before I started the SYW in 40mm home casts I originally did it first in 30mm using Spencer Smith and Grant's rules from 'The Wargame' . I was sorting some boxes out today and came across them and decided to give the rules a go . The Austrian force under General Karl Gruntze march to capture a bridge held by the Prussians - they have 12 moves to accomplish this. 

The Prussian General Pieter Junge and 'travelling companion' Tootsie .

The Prussian force deployed to defend the bridge.

The Prussian battery supported by a unit of Fuzillers (will count as poor this game).

The Hungarian regiments - Haller and Esterhazy .

The Prussians open fire - the 'Bounce Stick  of Death' is deployed .

And overshoots the Austrian Pandours - the only figure under the 'hit sleeve' is the Hungarian Brigadier ! Oh dear ! .

He is hit and fails his saving throw - dead ! . This was his first battle and he didn't even have a name (all my General and Regimental Officers have names recorded on their bases)  so history does not even recall his demise .  Too be continued ..... 
P.S. I realise that I have not finished off the 40mm  game that I was playing - but I had to take down the battle to set up another when 'S' came around for a game . I will be able to set it up again using the photos I took and restart it . 


  1. Perhaps an entry for the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

  2. Great looking game- are the Spencer Smith chaps plastic or metal?

    1. Mainly metal although some of the cavalry and guns and gunners are plastic .

  3. This is indeed a great battle report, full of splendid details (excellent camera perspectives!) - can you recommend us the rule book of the "Wargame"?
    We will game at the end of june, using Black Powder. But I am not sure, maybe we will change the rules.

  4. I do like the rules but they are a lot slower than 'Black Powder' - move distances etc and as I use single based figures moving them takes time as well. Tony