Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Revenge Of The Saxons (Parte Two)

The Armies deploy , the Allied Jaegers threaten the French right but the French Hussars drive off the Allied Carbineers ( I forgot to photo this triumph).
But here's the result ! by the time they had reorganised the game had ended .
The Hanoverian Legion Britannique forms a line .
The French/Saxons move up , the Saxon Garde are covered by the French Chasseurs De Sombreuil .

A closer view of the Chasseurs.
The Legion opens fire at long range on the deploying Saxons .
The Chasseurs charge the Jaegers and the Hussars charge the right flank company of the Legion. - both melees are won by the Allies !.
A closer view of the action on the left flank.
The Leib Garde Grenadiers form up under heavy fire .
With the threats to their flanks seen off the Allies turn their attention onto the Saxons .
Although they gallantly return fire the Saxon Garde suffer heavy casualties and are forced to retire as the other units of their force are scattered . A victory once again for the Allies ! . The French High Command are now thinking that the Saxon LeibGarde are one of those unfortunate units that will never triumph on the gaming table ! - we will have to see !?.


  1. Another most enjoyable game to watch from afar.

    I thought the Saxon Garde were most steady in covering the retreat of the army. The Legion seems to be earning its pay!

  2. The Legion Britannique can roll '6's when it wants !

  3. A brisk little engagement, nicely done

    -- Allan