Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dawn raid (1)

This Scenario is based on one in a issue of 'Classic Wargaming magazine ' . The Treborians have launched a seaborne raid to secure the captive British Envoy Sir Morris Oxford . A select force of the newly formed British Legione  and 2 dismounted Cavalry unit have come ashore and hope to attack the Schwartz Pool tower before the local forces can mobilise .
The town militia turned out, but were driven back by the superior Treborian forces.

Major Velkro rallies them in the village streets , but the Treborians push forward and enter the village

A unit of Hariboan lancers alerted by the fighting move towards the village and charge the British Legione

The Treborians also had 2 Agent Provocateurs hiding near the village , one approached the Ferraro Roccain gun position and laid a 'infernal device' to blow the gun up (he diced a 6 - it would take 6 moves to blow it up ) . He was surprised half way through laying the bomb by the FR  gun crew and fired at them with his pistol (needing a 6 to hit and firing 3 times )  , he threw three 6s - my wargaming colleague 'S'  tells me the odds are 1 in 216 ! , after this interruption he detonated the charge and blew the gun up ! .
The Treborian attack continues , but FR  reinforcements are on the way !.


  1. Excellent looking game thanks for posting.

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  3. Great stuff! I am a gamer of many interests and little discipline but my glossy 40mm toys are closest to the heart. Just the other day I was bemoaning the lack of blogs where I could enjoy some one else's 40mm toys and then Poof! I found a link to your site, and steam tractors to boot!. Thank you!