Thursday, 7 April 2011

Battle of the Pomemben Bridge (3)

Move 5
The Cavalry clash ended with the defeat and rout of the Haribo Lancers , the armoured car fired into the Treborian column crossing the bridge causing some casualties , but came under fire from the Dragoons in the wood . The Ferraro Rocca gun fired on the victorious Treborian Hussars , killing two . The Treborian artillery fired at the advancing FR  infantry and managed a hit - also killing the accompanying staff officer (my shooting was a lot more accurate this move)
A hard pounding !
The Treborian Heavy Artillery deployed and the infantry opened fire on the FR dismounted cavalry moving into the farm . (Please click on photos to enlarge)
Ferraro Rocca fights back
On move 6 the carnage continued , the Treborian Reserve unit deployed and took casualties from the armoured car and the flanking FR infantry .

Carnage !
It was not all one sided though - the FR infantry took hits from the Treborian heavy gun  and as the Ferraro Roccaian final unit moved onto the board it to took hits from the Treborian gun on the hill .
Move 6
The FR cavalry in the farmyard skirmished with the Treborian infantry and managed to kill their officer , they in turn suffered a casualty , but their skirmish order and cover protected them from most of the shots . The Ferraro Roccain infantry crossed the river to support them . As casualties mount the battle hangs in the balance !.
The Treborian CinC  surveys the damage done by his  gun

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