Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Challenge .

Occasionally I see odd figures on EBay that intrigue me and if they are going cheap I have been known to purchase them . I saw the above figure looking very sorry for himself and nobody was interested in buying him - like a forlorn puppy in a pet shop (bit over the top there Tony !) . He seems to be some sort of Hussar - and rather damaged , whatever he is holding in his left hand is missing as is his sword in his right . I managed to snap off his scabbard try to straighten it out - oh dear ! - repairing him is going to be a challenge !

I noticed he had STARLUX engraved on his base and further investigation on the net came up with this figure - !!?, Oh My ! this is getting worse , however I do like a challenge so I  will make further reports of my progress (hopefully) . For people awaiting part 2 of the B.A.R. game - fear not play is taking place and will be posted soon.

1 comment:

  1. A noble cause giving lost and damaged soldiers a new lease of life. Well done.