Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Another Side of my Hobby.

I have always been interested in the classic 'Toy Soldier' scene (54mm scale figures) and for years I did nothing about it other than subscribing to 'Toy Soldier Collecter' magazine . A couple of years ago I read an article about starting a collection and they recommended you concentrated on a particular period and type of figure . I decided I would collect World War One pilot figures - a narrow niche but surprisingly fruitful !. Above one of my favourite sets - German pilots and mechanic (I think the central figure is Richthofen)
Another set - a British pilot and ground crew. I mainly purchase off EBay and TRY not to spend to much !. Think my interest of this period was generated by the 'Biggles' books
They come in all sizes ! . The centre figure is a 54mm figure, the one on the right a pre-war Skybirds pilot repainted by me and the left a large hollow cast figure from America . Initialy I was going to stick to just the 54mm figures but now I collect any figure that portrays a pre WW2 airforce figures.


  1. Nice figures! and sound advice wisely followed. I read the same advice in a book by Henry Harris when I was a wee lad but unfortunately I also got a copy of Funcken's Uniforms of All Times and it left a bigger impression. Those Toy Soldier magazines were deadly temptation!

  2. Very cool, Mosstrooper.
    That is a great idea to pick a subject that naturally restrains you from buying dozens of figures that probably won't get painted -- like I usually do.
    Something to ponder. Thanks.


  3. A very nice collection and well done you for sticking to theme. Like Ross I was brought up on the Henry Harris books but the schoolboy desire for quantity over quality led me down a much darker path!

    Best wishes, Brian