Saturday, 31 March 2012

Patio Wars - Mr Kipling Views The Battlefield.

Under an escort of the Bortchesters the CinC 'Red' Army takes the world famous journalist (and cook) Mr Kipling to view the scene of the recent clash with 'Black' Army. ( I was hoping to play a further game outdoors this weekend but the weather has turned Artic and is very cold - in preparation for the Easter Bank Holiday I  suspect).

They creep closer wary of 'Black' Army snipers.

The CinC confers  with the dashing Captain D'Anger of the 11th Hussars newly arrive to the Patio.

Army 'Black' seem to be building some sort of redoubt . Capt. D'Anger makes a quick sketch map of the area and they retire undetected. (Mr Kipling and Capt. D'Anger are castings from Sarum Soldiers who do a jolly good mail order service.) (click on photos to enlarge)


  1. I hope he treated the C-in-C and his staff to some of his exceedingly good cakes after the recce

    Can't wait to see Army Black's redoubt

  2. Really lovely figures - I look forward to seeing Army Black!

  3. I bought some figures from Sarum yesterday - jolly nice chaps.

  4. Sarum do supply a lovely range of 'character' figures for us. I have quite a few ready for painting and future use.