Saturday, 4 February 2012

This Week I Have Been Mainly Painting.......

Rohan Hero Erkenbrand mounted and dismounted (and slightly out of focus !)

Gondorian Hero Cirion

Dwarf  Lord

Hobbit Farmer Maggot and dogs

Hobbit Hero's -'Fatty' Bolger, Paladin Took and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.
These figures have been a joy to paint ! , they must be some of the best figures that the Perrys (?) have designed . They where purchased several years ago when thing were a LOT cheaper ! and they are METAL  not the resin that they are made out of now . Have heard good and bad about new castings but not bought any yet . Think it might be a advantage for  the larger  monster figures which where always a pain to glue together but I'm old fashioned enough to prefer metal . GW  have brought out a new batch of figures this weekend - VERY  expensive and not as good as the older ones in my opinion.

Sauron - I painted him several years ago and have just been tarting his base up - a brilliant model !.

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