Friday, 14 October 2011

Fetaland re-armed.

Finally got round to finishing off the Fetaland Artillery - so they now do not have to rely on their allies Ferraro Rocca to supply them with firepower .

Here we see them practising with their new French 75mm QF gun .

The Fetaland High Command have taken the decision to now man the Mitrailleuse with a Naval contingent (rumours that this is because of the very poor showing of the Artillery in manning this weapon in recent games are untrue !) .

The Fetaland Navy have been using these weapons on their steam motor launches with great success and it is hoped they can repeat this on land (unlike the Artillery who could not hit barn door !). The figures are Irregular 42mm from their Deutsche Homage series - not to everyone taste but I think they look cute !.

I have also finished off the Fetaland Command group with a officer and standard bearer in State dress (simple conversions from the Evazone figures).


  1. Nice artillery and command group

    -- Allan

  2. I'll confess that I did find a certain charm to the Homage figures. I was wondering if they would fit at all beside the usual Irregular 42's as the original Hydes were 45mm or larger but they look well enough together in the pictures. In fact both the Naval contingent and the 75 look quite splendid.

    Looking at all the additions to your collection has me itching for the onset of the winter painting season!

  3. The Homage figures are slightly taller and peraphs a little bulkier ,I didn't base the Naval gunners and this helps . Kept in seperate units and veiwed at 'wargaming' distance they will match I think - caution they are more expensive ! just been doodling up some unit prices and have almost broke the bank !!!

  4. Every time I see your 42mm figures I keep wanting to buy some!

    The problem is that I don't want to take on yet another figure scale.

    What a conundrum!

    All the best,